What do you need for remote unlock:

1. A Windows computer (pc or laptop) with an internet connection. For some unlock operation internet speed (download & upload) might be important, so you may run a test here and give us result before we start  >>Speed Test<<

2. USB cable for your model, make sure is genuine and fully working, connect it to a main USB port to your computer

3. Unlock network is paid service, paypal or skrill payment accepted, contact us using any form listed >>here<<

DISCLAMER: Rooting the device will void the phone warranty, and knox related apps might not work on phones with tripped Knox

 Before proceed make sure you install Samsung USB Drivers on your computer

Root guide for Galaxy S7 Sprint and S7 Edge Sprint G930P & G935P Android 7.0 Nougat:

1. Start from a clean version of Nougat, is recommended to flash your phone to stock firmware or to reset phone from recovery menu (wipe cache + wipe data/factory reset) before proceeding, make sure you backup your data first. If you have different firmware build number than listed here root might not work ( G930PVPU5BQJ3G935PVPU5BQJ3 build can be network unlocked using different method, contact us for details)
Firmware link:


G930P 7.0  G930PVPS4BQC1_G930PSPT4BQC1_SPR

G930P 7.0  G930PVPU4BQD2_G930PSPT4BQD2_SPR

G930P 7.0  G930PVPS4BQE1_G930PSPT4BQE1_SPR

G930P 7.0  G930PVPS4BQG1_G930PSPT4BQG1_SPR


G935P 7.0  G935PVPS4BQC1_G935PSPT4BQC1_SPR

G935P 7.0  G935PVPU4BQD2_G935PSPT4BQD2_SPR

G935P 7.0  G935PVPS4BQE1_G935PSPT4BQE1_SPR

G935P 7.0  G935PVPS4BQF3_G935PSPT4BQF3_SPR

G935P 7.0  G935PVPS4BQG1_G935PSPT4BQG1_SPR

2. Go through initial activation process; Turn WiFi on and let the phone register through WiFi, enter your google account and configure your phone. Don’t add fingerprint, pass code or pattern for screen lock till root process is done.

3. Disable Always On Display in Settings ->Display . This can be enabled again after the rooting process is completed. Go into “System updates” and disable automatic updates.

4. Go Settings -> About Device -> Software info, tap on build number 7 times to unlock developer options. A pop up message will appear telling “Developer options” was enabled. No go back to “Settings” you will see “Developer Options” menu next to “About device”,access it, enable “OEM unlock”, and “USB debugging”, turn off “Auto update system” and “Verify apps over ADB”. NEVER disable “OEM unlock” option while phone is rooted.

5. Go into “Lock screen and security” -> other security settings -> turn auto update off. If a PIN has been entered for security access “Lock screen and security” -> Secure startup -> Do not require ,otherwise root will not be active on startup after going through the process.

6. **For S7 Sprint G930P model:

Install Adhell application from Google Play store (or from >>here<<) and disable these packages:

– com.android.sharedstoragebackup
– Chameleon
– Security policy updates
– SecurityLogAgents
– Samsung DM Phone Interface
– Samsung DM Service

Download and install these apps for later use:

– BuildProp Editor
– Phone INFO ★Samsung★
– L Speed
– Kernel Adiutor

**For S7 Edge Sprint G935P model:

Install PD Plugin Engine from google play store. There are more than one version, install the one made by PackageMasters.

Install Phone INFO ★Samsung★ and BuildProp Editor
Install Package Disabler Pro (Samsung).
Agreed to KNOX terms, activated Administrator, and PDP opened:
Enabled All Disabled in Application’s Menu.
Download & Import XML file from Internal Storage, Selecting : HERE

7. Turn off WiFi for the rest of the rooting process. Power off phone and put it in download mode.

8. Use Odin to flash the engineering boot image from

G930P here: Nougat_S7_Flat_EngBoot.tar.md5 (in the AP Slot)

G935P here: Nougat_S7_Edge_EngBoot.tar.md5 (in AP slot)

9. Once it reboots, download this file:

G930P – Nougat S7 Root.zip  Unzip and run the root file, follow the prompt

G935P – Download  Nougat_S7_Edge_Root  Unzip and run the root file, follow the prompt

10. Go into BuildProp Editor, set these values then reboot phone once:



11. Install and run Phone Info app , click menu bar in top left corner, click other tools, click service mode (root) and from here you will be able to acces GCF, must be turned on before (or after) unlock is done (ue setting & info -> setting -> protocol -> gfc)

12. Proceed to unlock network remote. This service is paid, payment via paypal or skrill. Contact us before starting this procedure:

 Install necessary software (hamachi & usb redirector) on your PC following this tutorial, you will be asked to run a small USB remote program on your windows PC and a VPN software so our tech can unlock your phone.

Video examples for unlock remote online on Youtube Channel