What do you need for remote unlock:

1. A Windows computer (pc or laptop) with an internet connection. For some unlock operation internet speed (download & upload) might be important, so you may run a test here and give us result before we start  >>Speed Test<<

2. USB cable for your model, make sure is genuine and fully working, connect it to a main USB port to your computer

If your phone is on Android 5.0 root isn’t needed for network unlock

How to root for unlock S5 SM-G900P on Android 6.0.1 (G900PVPU3CPCA, G900PVPS3CPE2, G900PVPU3CPL2, G900PVPU3CPH3, G900PVPU3PK1, G900PVPS3CQA2, G900PVPS3CQB3, & G900PVPS3CQD1 build):

DISCLAMER: Rooting the device will void the phone warranty, and knox related apps might not work on phones with tripped Knox

1. To root this device download Odin3_v3.10.7twrp-3.0.2-2-klte.img.tar and SuperSU-v2.78-201609011115.zip

2. Install USB drivers on your computer from HERE

3. Go to your phone in  Settings > About device > scroll to bottom and tap “Build number” 7 times, now press back button once and tap Developer Options. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlock (if available) from developer options. It is recommended to remove any google or samsung account temporary till network unlock is done


4. Copy to phone’s SD-card (not to the phone’s internal memory) file downloaded on step 1 named “SuperSU-v2.78-201609011115.zip”

5. Power off phone completely. Hold Home and Volume – (volume down), keep them pressed and power the phone on.
Press Volume+ (volume up) when prompted to enter “Downloading Mode”, Connect USB and wait for all drivers to finish installing.

6. Open Odin , then select “twrp-3.0.2-2-klte.img.tar” in “AP” slot, make sure you uncheck “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” from Options before starting flashing file




7. Odin will show the downloading progress (and you’ll see a progress bar on the phone’s screen). and should indicate downloading success.
After downloading is complete, disconnect the USB cable from phone and reconnect the battery.
Simultaneously press Volume Up + Home + Power until the phone boots into the TWRP custom recovery. If you do this correctly then in the upper left corner of the Samsung splash screen, you’ll see “RECOVERY BOOTING”, “RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING” & “Set Warranty Bit: Recovery”, and then you’ll see the TWRP menu. Note that if you don’t push the buttons correctly and you accidentally boot into Android or into the stock recovery, then you will have to repeat flashing twrp file from step 6.
8. From the TWRP menu, select “Install”.
Then tap “Select Storage”, choose “Micro SDCard”, and hit “OK”.
Browse to SuperSU-v2.78.zip which should be on your SD-card (from step 4) and select it.
Check “Reboot after install” and “Swipe to confirm Flash”. When it reboots, you should see “Set Warranty Bit” in the upper left corner of the Samsung splash screen.
After the phone reboots, go into the app drawer. You should see “SuperSU Free” which indicates that you’re most likely rooted

Once root is done you can proceed to unlock network remotely. This service is paid, payment via paypal or skrill. Contact us before starting this procedure:
 Install necessary software (hamachi & usb redirector) on your PC following this tutorial, you will be asked to run a small USB remote program on your windows PC and a VPN software so our tech can unlock your phone.

Video examples for unlock remote online on Youtube Channel