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C5000 6.0.1   C5000ZCU1API2_C5000CHC1API2_CHC (Open China)

C5000 6.0.1   C5000ZHU1API2_C5000ZZH1API2_TGY (Hong Kong)

C7000 6.0.1  C7000ZHU2APJ2_C7000ZZH2APJ2_TGY (Hong Kong)

C7100 7.1.1  C7100ZCU1AQJ1_C7100CHC1AQJ1_CHC

C7100 7.1.1  C7100ZHU1ARB1_C7100ZZH1ARB1_TGY

C7108 7.1.1  C7108ZMU1ARA1_C7108CBK1ARA1_CBK

C710F 7.1.1  C710FDXU1AQI4_C710FOLB1AQI4_XTC

C9000 6.0.1  C9000ZCU1APL5_C9000CHC1APL5_CHC (Open China)

C9000 6.0.1  C9000ZHU1APL2_C9000ZZH1APL2_TGY (Hong Kong)

C900F 6.0.1  C900FDDU1AQC2_C900FOLB1AQC2_XTC (Philippines)